The LEITWOLF > is also available as a park version - the LEITWOLF X. It stands out in every snow park for the larger range of movement of the blade > and snow cutter as well as for its convincing driving features. For perfect rides!

Engine Model    MTU 6R 1300 | OM 471

Exhaust emission standard     Stage IV/Tier 4 final

Power output (ECE)     390 kW/523 bhp @ 1,800 rpm

Torque     2,460 Nm @ 1,300 rpm

Working width     4,500 mm

Overall vehicle length with/without attachments     9,195 mm/4,660

Weight with aluminum track, blade, tiller and winch     13,985 kg

MASTER blade     12-way front blade
Quick-change system and hydraulic side wings
Side wings open/closed: 5,950/5,050 mm

POWER Tiller    Without/with hydraulic side wings: 5,320/6,520 mm
Quick-change system

Winch    AUTOMATIC Winch
4.5 t pulling force
Maximum cable length: 1,200 m

Park Functions - LEITWOLF X    Inclinometer, Tape measurement tool, Park blade, a.o.

Special Features    Parallel movement of the tiller, Individually customizable blade control, active undercarriage